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Top 3 Ways To Learn Android Development For Complete Beginners

There’s no better time to start learning than now, right? Learning programming has never been easier. I believe that the easiest way to get into programming is to start writing a mobile app. Everyone’s got a smartphone, so it should be easy to get at least your friends to try out your app. If you start getting into programming through, let’s say backend web development, it can be easy to lose motivation because it can seem as though you are not making any real contribution to the world.

I got into Android development because at the time, I was learning Java and I had an Android phone. The best way, at least for me, to build a project using Java is to make an Android app. I am not very graphically creative and I do enjoy the more technical part of programming, so this field is not the best for me. But it is the best way for me to get my foot in the door with programming. With Android, I can actually use my skills to build real world apps which I can put on the Google Play Store.

That way I am creating a portfolio for myself. And when I apply for a job, I actually have some experience building real world apps, as opposed to a lot of college graduates. A lot of college graduates have zero experience building a real app.

For some people, it might be better to start out with something like front end web development. That is currently the hottest area of programming. I think it’s because it doesn’t require so much technical skills. Not saying that front end development is not complicated, just saying that for most people who get into programming front end, they don’t really want to worry about architecture, backend and things like that. They’re more about the visual aspect of the whole thing.


Udacity is a website which offers content on software development. They have online degrees. Their curses are taught by world experts. They have courses on React, machine learning, web development, and among other things, they have an Android Nanodegree by Google. The Nanodegree costs $999 total, or $199 monthly subscription.

They also have a lot of free courses on various topics. That’s how I got my start with Android. I already knew some Java, and I took one of their free courses and then continues on, building my own apps.


The similarly sounding Udemy, offers a lot of topics on various topics. And they’re not all about software development. The difference between Udacity and Udemy is that you can make courses on Udemy. Udemy allows anyone to make courses. Because of that, Udemy has a lot more courses for you to learn. Most of the courses are about $200, but Udemy lowers often their prices, so sometimes you can get courses that are worth $200 for only 10$.

On Udemy, I took the Android N course. The course is taught by Rob Percival, and it is really good for beginners. I already knew a lot of those things, so it was now so helpfull for me.


Pluralsight is monthly subscription based online course website which offers a lot of courses on a variety of software development topics. As John Sonmez says, it’s the best money you can spend as a software development.

It costs $299 annually, or $29 monthly. For that price, you get a huge library of programming courses at any time. It is really good if you need to quickly learn something. For example, you need to build a small website using React, just go to Pluralsight and check out their courses on React.

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