John Sonmez (Simple Programmer) channel review

John Sonmez is the host of a YouTube channel called Simple Programmer. There is also a Simple Programmer blog, which is also owned by him. You may have noticed the certified Simple programmer Blogging Course widget on my blog. I’ve been a big fan of John’s for over a year now. I took his Blogging Course in hopes that it will enable me to get a good job. Course also had a side effect. I believe that since I started writing this blog, I became a better programmer. Especially now. I am exploring for new topics to write about. I am a highschool student and I haven’t had a real job yet. Because I am not bounded by an external thing (like a job), it can get hard to keep learning and stay focused.

When I just started out with programming, I had a really hard time with staying focused. Then I started following John Sonmez. If you’ve never seen any of John’s work, I would highly recommend that you go on YouTube right now and search for Simple Programmer. He covers topics ranging from computer advice to philosophy (podcast reference). Currently, all of his content is aimed at developers, but I believe that he is going to transition into mainstream in a couple of years.

He has a bunch of playlists covering a wide range of topics. Most of his work can be placed in either of these three categories: self-improvement, health and technical topics. He uploads about three videos per day.

He is also a noted Pluralsight author. I believe that he made around 55 courses on Pluralsight.

I agree with him on a lot of the topics that he covers. Especially on the self improvement topics.

The idea that, for most of the people out there, there’s not a lot stopping them from doing what they want. People put these boundaries on themselves.  Why should you accept your life as it is now if you don’t like it.

People have this idea that if you’re over 25 that you can not change careers. John Sonmez disagrees with that strongly.

He himself was a software developer for a long time. Now he is a blogger and a YouTuber. He stated that, in highschool, the only subject in which his grades were B or a D is English.

Don’t allow to be restricted by other people who don’t know that there is a world full of possibilities. You just have to make a conscious decision that you’re going to pursue them.

I know that this sounds ridiculous coming from a highschool student. I, myself ignore any high school student giving life advice. And I’m not trying to do that.

I live in a community in when you tell people that you are an excellent high school student, they just assume that you’re going to be a doctor

I myself am a quite good student, and when people ask me about my GPA they just reply with “Here’s our new doctor!”.

I don’t like that. And I don’t like when students my age start talking how they’re going to be doctors with huge salaries working in big cities.

I know that you don’t have any self discipline. While I’m over here busting my ass working both on the school assignments, writing a blog and constantly messing around with some sort of a programming project, you can not even do your homework.

I hate those kind  of people. I know that you are unable to learn anything.

There’s this girl in my school. Her average GPA is the same as mine. (over here, the GPA is in a range from 1 to 5, and at the end of the year, GPAs from all of your subjects, and we have around 16 of them, are averaged and your success is rounded to the closest whole number, so the success is 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1). My GPA (from our way of calculating it) is 5.0 (that’s 4.0 in the anglo-saxon countries), and she’s barely hanging on a 4.5.

That 4.5 is mostly derived from good grades in PE, art and so on. She comes to me a week before the big math test and asks me if I think that she can learn the entire semester’s curriculum in those four or five days. I know that she can’t because she is an idiot, but I don’t want to answer.

Then she starts talking about how she’s gonna be a big time doctor or dentist in Germany. She can’t speak a word in German  or English, and she thinks that she is going to study medicine out there.

FUCK OF! I do not care that you’re going to be a doctor. Actually, I know that you’re not going to be a doctor, at least not of the caliber that you’re seeing yourself as.

I kind if got of the topic.

Through watching John’s videos, I learned to suppress that and  try not to give a fuck. Actually Bill Burr helped a little bit as well.

You do not watch John Sonmez in order to learn something technical. You watch him to learn a self improvement skill and how to apply it.



Definitely recommend it for every developer out there. I myself prefer the audio format(some of his videos are made into a podcast) , but I do watch his videos from time to time.