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7 Awesome Podcasts For Software Developers

I love listening to podcasts. I love it almost more than listening to music. Podcasts are a great way to learn something new or just to have some fun. Podcasts are a part of my daily routine. Like most of the people, I usually listen to podcast when I’m traveling somewhere. Be it when I’m walking somewhere or when I’m on my way home, I almost always have my headphones on listening to some podcast. This is my list of 7 awesome podcast that I would recommend to any developer. These are not the only podcasts I listen to. Those might get a blog post of their own someday.


This is a podcast by software developer Scott Hanselman. He’s worked with some big companies like Microsoft. This is one of my favourite podcasts period. Scott has a really cool personality and he knows how to entertain a listener. Most of the time, he interviews someone from the world of software development. The podcast covers variety of topics, everything from feedback driven design to WebVR.  Sometimes his topics aren’t all about programming, but this podcast is one of the more technically oriented ones. He also has a blog and a YouTube channel where he publishes content similar to his podcast.

2. Developer On Fire

Developer On Fire is a podcast by Dave Rael. His every episode starts out with the sentence: “What’s happening geeks?“, and I love that. He seams like a cool kinda guy you’d want to hang out with. Most of the podcast episodes are interviews with interesting developers. They talk about their jobs as software developers and what makes them “tick“. It’s not as technical as Hanselminutes, but it talks about day to day lives of software developers and that’s why I like it.

3. Simple Programmer Podcast


I absolutely love this one. This is a podcast by John Sonmez. He also has a YouTube channel. Infact, most of the podcast episodes are audio files of his YouTube videos. He publishes two to three videos a day on YouTube and half of those also end up being podcast episodes. I personally like listening to podcasts more than watching YouTube videos so that’s how I get most of his content. He teaches software developers soft skills. He’s been a huge inspiration for me. I started this blog because he constantly repeats that every software developer needs to have a blog. If you look to your left (or scroll to the bottom of the page if you’re on mobile), you should see a little widget that says Simple Programmer Blogging Course Certified.  He also has a very popular blog. This is an amazing podcast and you should definitely check it out!

4. CodeNewbie

CodeNewbie is a podcast that tell the stories of software developers on their coding journey. This is mostly a podcast for beginner web developers. But that is not the only topic that this podcast covers. About a week ago they had an episode on embed systems. They talked about building code from the bottom up. By that I mean building code for the processor, firmware and than everything else that most of us do. The host is really talented at interviewing people. She delivers the topics really good. I like this podcast a lot. She interviews very interesting people.

5. Listen Money Matters

I know this is not a programming podcast, but you should know how to handle your finances. This podcast is hosted by Andrew Fiebert and Thomas Frand (of  College Info Geek, also an amazing podcast). They cover a wide array of topics regarding personal finance. They have episodes on starting your own business, creating a business plan, handling debt and many more. The episodes sometimes feature a guest, but most of the time it’s Andrew and Thomas chatting. They have a really great chemistry together and it’s really entertaining. I like how every episode starts out with Thomas saying: “Hello Andrew and what are you drinking?“. It’s a really chill vibe and you learn a lot.

6. Learn To Code With Me


This is a show similar to the CodeNewbie, as it is also a podcast aimed at beginning software developer. Most of the episodes consist out of the host Laurence Bradford interviewing some interesting people. They talk about what got them started with coding and why did they choose this career. I like this show because it helps beginners to get started with coding. I would recommend it to every beginner programmer, and evan to some more experienced ones.

7. Entreprogrammers Podcast

This is a podcast featuring four software developers that are also entrepreneurs. One of those is John Sonmez who was previously featured in this blog post. These four software developers meet once a week to discuss they’ve done the previous week. They talk about the problems they’ve encountered and how they solved them, or if they still have that problem how are they approaching that problem. It’s a really interesting podcast that covers a lot of things. You can hear how these successful software entrepreneurs build their business. If you have any ambition of starting your own business, check this podcast out. It’s really good.

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